Friday, June 13, 2008

This is me Playing. I guess I am getting older because after the slip-n-slide I felt like I was hit by a train.
This is my friend Linda She and I made for an ugly pair. But we can laugh! She made me laugh so hard I peed my pants. She can Blow my brother David away! That is all I will say!

girls camp

This was a beautiful sunset before the first night of storms. Wednesday night we had a storm come in with lots of lighting. we had to get all the girls up to the mess hall for safety. but wait... were is Clare? Wow she slept through the storm did even wake up! So some one went to look for their tent group and found them all asleep still. and woke them up just to get to the hall in time to go back.
Thursday night we were getting ready for campfire when the leaders said to get everyone into the cars. there was a tornado warning going off. So we drove straight into the storm to get to the branch building. Still the safest place to go. While on our way we saw this awesome wall cloud. and then I looked north and there it was! A tornado! It was at quite a distance from us but I at that moment suddenly was afraid for the first time. But all was well and the tornado stayed to the north in Iowa.

girls camp

Clare and I got to go to girls camp last week. It was great to start the cycle of Y.W. once again with Clare. The week was very exciting! I got to see my first tornado, Among all the other activities. This is our fist day, it was a good day, no storms. After tents were set up for the first time this week. There were a few other days after some storms, we had to set the tents back up again.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Pammy Wammy This is for you!

Here we go Pam I caved in and did this, but don't expect it to be updated too often. So We will see how this all goes. I'll get some stuff on it later, but I just wanted to let you know It's here and I'm trying!