Monday, December 15, 2008

Brayton Wanted to see if Wes could lift him. He did, then couldn't complete an extension, funny none the less.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I guess It has been awhile so here are some new pics and a Video Of Wes doing what he does best ...Cheer Wes Cheer.
Clare Basketball, and some weird kids doing weird things.

Friday, October 31, 2008

As my niece Julieanne pointed out "Halloween is cool because it rhymes with Danene" So here are some Halloweenie pic From Danene Weenie's Family...

Dad: "It's a riddle"
Brayton: "I don't get it"
Dad: "pumpkin pie"
Brayton: "Where is the pumpkin"
(One of his blonde moments.)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

When did I become a loser mom? I used to be a cool mom (at least that is what my kids use to tell me). now I am "not cool mom" ,"Back off mom", "you don't know what you're talking about mom", "that's embarrassing for you mom", "La ooo sa err mom", "stalker mom" and many other fun names. I don't think I have changed that much. I do feel that I have lost almost all control. I am now the butt of most of my kids jokes. What do I do now?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I know I know I know what is she doing today tooo many blogs. But I just found out that my In-laws are going on their third mission! I have such a great respect for them! But even more excited for where they were called too! duh duh dun... Winter quarters temple! that is just 2 & 1/2 hour from were we live and it's the closer Temple! Even tho we are in the St Louis district. Yea! we get to go see them!
St Louis Temple

I'm just sooo excited for the announcement of the new Temple to be built here in the "Greater Kansas City" area! But that is such a broad area. I want to know where exactly. Will it be on the Missouri side or the Kansas side? I hope for my sake it will be the Kansas side? But still any where in the area will be within 10-40 min drive! Beats the 4 hour drive to St Louis!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Pammy this first song is for you! Brrrrrrrrp!

Ok so my sister is waaaaay better at this blogging thing, and I loved what she said about my dad on his birthday, so I just copied and pasted it hahahaha I stole it right off your blog!

Pam I Love your GUTS!

Happy Birthday Crapaw!!

Happy Happy Birthday Daddy Dear
Happy Days Will Come To You All Year
If I Had A Wish Then It Would Be
A Happy Happy Birthday To You From Me!!
Today is my Dad's 69th birthday.
Here are some things about him to make him feel old.
1. His oldest child is 43
2. His youngest child is 34
3. He has 13 grandchildren
4. He was married to my Mom for 37 years before she died
5. It would have been 45 years this year
6. He's graying and bald...but has been for as long as I can remember
7. His grandkid's call him Crapaw
8. He is Santa Clause...and we all know how old Santa is
9. We've always told him he's older than dirt
10. He thinks dork and geek are terms of endearment because his kids would NEVER call him anything mean or bad or unloving
Here is a poem my sister Danene and I wrote to him during Sacrament Meeting on Father's Day in 1985. I was 14 , my sister was 16...
"To test and try his child's endurance
And give his child car insurance
To raise them right, but give them lenience
At the child's own convenience
To help them grow and learn to be strong
To drive Dad crazy all the day long
To help them be what they want to be
Which usually isn't what he wants them to be
To be understanding when the child is wrong
And not to punish them for too long
He shares his thoughts and candy too
When the child is feeling very blue
He buys them clothes when their closet is bare
So they don't have to stay in their underwear
He taxis his child to their favorite place
And does it with very happy faces
All these things are what Dad's are for
And makes his child love him more!!"
Side note on why the grandkid's call him Crapaw. When my nephew, Wesley, was little he couldn't say the G sound. He substituted it with a C or D sound...whatever came to him at the moment. So my Dad ended up as Crapaw and my Mom ended up as Damaw. They both thought it was so cute so it stuck.
Happy Birthday Crapaw!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sorry to all that may occasionally look to see what my Family is up to. I did this blog under pressure from my sister Pam, whom I love dearly. but as my kids can tell you I type really slow so I hate to do it. So i usually don't, thus this blog thing get severely neglected. But here is a brief update that will take about a half hour because I type so slow.

Whitney is at BYU provo starting her 2nd year there. she is living in the Glenwood apt. with a friend from Last year, Nichole, She is from Texas. She is studying public relations. She is having lots of fun! She often finds herself over at her good friend Brent's apt. Who has been a relief for her mom to have some who she can count on. Thanks to my sister Pam again for marrying into a great family! (Brent is her nephew) Whitney is working early mornings as a janitor and finds it not that bad.

Wesley is in his senior year at Mill Valley high school he is a yell leader and is the first for Mill Valley. He has found that he really enjoys it and many colleges are excited to see him. he joined a Competitive Cheer squad called KC cheer and can lots of tumbling passes, and lift girls way over his head with one hand. it is impressive to see. He also enjoys acting and writing music he has written several songs that are really quite good.

Brayton Hates school as usual. He asks me just about every day since he was in preschool if he has to go to school today. He only has 4 more years of high school left. He started at Mill Valley this year and he also started seminary. He is a good student. He has picked up the love of tennis and plans to be on the boy tennis team. He also likes track but the 2 run at the same time. He is now taller then his dad and proud to be the tallest in the family.
Clarissa is in seventh grade. She babysits all the time. and is very social. she doesn't like it when i say no to friends coming over, but it's not that often that I do. It's a good thing Whitney is away at college because Clare has an oldest child complex but is not the oldest. she like to be in charge of things. Clare likes to try everything. from tennis to running to volleyball to Choir to piano to whatever comes to mind. She is becoming a very beautiful person.

Collin what can I say about Collin. He is in 5th grade and is fun loving. he loves to make people laugh. He is playing the drums in the band. and can carry a tune better then anyone, well he and whitney can harmonize very well together. he has a great imagination. We found out that he has epilepsy and we have been working with him to get the medication to work for him. Luckily he does not have Grand Mal's he just has blank outs. He just goes off in a stare and doesn't remember what happened during the few seconds he seizes. Weird but I glad it is very controllable.

Friday, June 13, 2008

This is me Playing. I guess I am getting older because after the slip-n-slide I felt like I was hit by a train.
This is my friend Linda She and I made for an ugly pair. But we can laugh! She made me laugh so hard I peed my pants. She can Blow my brother David away! That is all I will say!

girls camp

This was a beautiful sunset before the first night of storms. Wednesday night we had a storm come in with lots of lighting. we had to get all the girls up to the mess hall for safety. but wait... were is Clare? Wow she slept through the storm did even wake up! So some one went to look for their tent group and found them all asleep still. and woke them up just to get to the hall in time to go back.
Thursday night we were getting ready for campfire when the leaders said to get everyone into the cars. there was a tornado warning going off. So we drove straight into the storm to get to the branch building. Still the safest place to go. While on our way we saw this awesome wall cloud. and then I looked north and there it was! A tornado! It was at quite a distance from us but I at that moment suddenly was afraid for the first time. But all was well and the tornado stayed to the north in Iowa.

girls camp

Clare and I got to go to girls camp last week. It was great to start the cycle of Y.W. once again with Clare. The week was very exciting! I got to see my first tornado, Among all the other activities. This is our fist day, it was a good day, no storms. After tents were set up for the first time this week. There were a few other days after some storms, we had to set the tents back up again.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Pammy Wammy This is for you!

Here we go Pam I caved in and did this, but don't expect it to be updated too often. So We will see how this all goes. I'll get some stuff on it later, but I just wanted to let you know It's here and I'm trying!